PIT attends Drupa 2016 InnovationPark.

drupa 2016

Innovation driven Printing Inks for the future of Printing
Inkjet, 3D-structure inks and high-performance lacquer systems

Thermal and UV-curable acrylate formulations
Water-based and 100 % acrylate systems applicable for lacquers and print colors containing a novel initiator. This complex acts as a very effective polymerization initiator activated thermally or by UV-radiation. In contrast to established polymerizable formulations our new acrylate-based systems exhibit a long-time storability. Further, the presence of air during curing accelerates the thermal or photochemical initiated polymerization. Therefore, the inevitable inertization to obtain optimal product properties is dispensable. The resulting polymeric lacquers and print colors are completely migration-free and show excellent mechanical properties as well as chemical resistance and light fastness.

Haptic designs with 3D-Inks
New nature-like decors demand a new system of inks. With our AQUADECOR Touch inks we give our customers the possibility to print high realistic wood designs with the tactile structure. We overcome the limitations of a small range of structured press plates where the structure does not match the printed d├ęcor and offer unlimited creativity in design and structure.

New ICC = Inkjet Competence Center Halle - industrial digital printing applications
In the growing market for inkjet printing, a new application center for inkjet applications will arise. The focus will be: Match the analog product range in Decor, wallpaper and packaging printing. The latest manufacturing techniques for UV, WATER & SOLVENT (low VOC) for common print head systems are available. Customized solutions are the ultimate development target.